Five ways to get ahead in marketing

Graduates seeking a job in the marketing sector may find it difficult to embark on their dream career, especially when an abundance of students are looking to fill the same roles. Thankfully, there is advice available for those wishing to start out in the media and marketing industry.

A Desire To Stay Up-To-Date

Whether you choose to join a variety of LinkedIn groups, read threads and follow links on a daily basis, knowing what individuals in your field of expertise are talking about is a must. Webinars and free social media events take place on a regular basis and both offer the tools needed to stay ahead in the world of marketing.

Higher Education

You may have a college degree in marketing, yet with so many individuals wishing to embark on a career in the field, it’s often a good idea to go that one step further by embarking on a university marketing degree. Such a course will ensure you have the skills needed to land your dream job.

Work Experience

Whether you’re still in higher education or plan to apply for a course, having a little work experience under your belt is a good way to show lecturers and future employees that you are willing to learn the ropes. Even if the job is an unpaid one, the skills mastered will be priceless. Work experience will help you to realise which area of the marketing industry you wish to work in, whilst giving you a ‘real world’ brand experience.

Understanding The Most Common Platforms

Understanding the most common platforms and ensuring you appreciate how brands use these platforms is a great way to learn the ins and outs of modern-day media. News sites, forums and social media showcase some of the most successful campaigns to date.

Getting To Grips With Social Media Marketing Skills

If you’re in the marketing business or plan to work in such an industry in the very near future, learning the ins and outs of social media is a must! Having a passion for all things social is a great place to start, and to show this, you must keep motivation and energy levels high. Writing your own blog, tweeting on a regular basis and posting at least three images a day on Instagram are all good examples of social media campaigns. Using these platforms showcases an understanding for modern-day social media.