Studying English can be fun! There is no better way to improve your English than by socialising!

British people are a sociable bunch. They like nothing more than to while away the evenings drinking, laughing and chatting with new people.
As an island nation, the British see themselves as a little separate to everybody else, with a distinct identity that is neither European nor anything else. To the British, everyone who isn’t from their country is exotic, and thus interesting. Whether you hail from inner city Athens, a goat farm in Morocco or a small town in Tennessee, you will be infinitely fascinating to British people. Walk into a pub and order a drink in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear your accent and in no time you will be surrounded by a friendly crowd intrigued to know more about you.
All well and good you might say, but how will this help you to speak English?
You must remember that professional teachers, such as those at The Language Gallery, tend to be clearly spoken people who talk and teach English in such a way that it is easy for you to understand.
The average person in the street won’t do that. They will talk at a super quick pace, throwing slang in at every given opportunity. Trying to keep up is a serious challenge, but will improve your language skills in the long run because it bears more relevance to real life. You will also pick up all the regional words and differences that each major UK city has, be it London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool or Belfast.
So what sort of socialising should you be doing to improve your English?
Here are a few ideas:
1. Join a sports team
Whether you enjoy football, running, cycling or baseball, you will no doubt be able to find a sports club that caters to your needs. Sport is a great way of making use of a mutual interest to meet new people and if your sport is a competitive team activity, a frenetic environment in which you are forced to learn quickly.
2. Go down the pub
Want to know where all the real British people are hiding? Open the door of your local pub and you’ll soon find out!
3. Get a part-time job
If in need of a bit of extra cash, why not look for a job in a bar, cafĂ© or shop? It is the quickest and easiest way of interacting with everyday people and you’ll get paid for doing it!